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With all the cold air and cooler temperatures, it’s even easier to get dry, crackly skin during the winter months. Arguably, there is nothing worse than being cold with dried, crackly skin. It just does not feel right. Your skin requires appropriate hydration and moisturizing. I can hear you now: “Excuse me kind sirbut what the hell does my plumbing have to do with my skin?” Well, a lot, actually. Unless you have a professional-level skin care regiment in place, most of your skin care is directly related to the type of water in your house (also known as the type of water you use to shower/bath).

The Plumb Doctor can provide you with a prescription to keep your skin silky smooth all winter long.

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Hard Water

Hard water is the mortal enemy of all good, soft skin. Whether you live in the country or in the city, you can suffer from the negative effects of hard water. Hard water carries minerals because it travels underground, dissolving rock as it moves. These minerals can clog up your pores – they do so by leaving “hard water scale”, which can trap oil in your skin and effectively blocks your moisturizing skin pores. Hard water does not go well with your soap – it can prevent a proper lather, leaving your skin feeling sticky from soap scum. Additionally, hard can cause your skin to dry out and crack. The evil does not stop there – hard water can lead to any of the following: rashes, bacterial infections, acne breakouts, and even eczema. The Plumb Doctor isn’t here to fill you with skin-related terror, only to educate you on proper skin protection and to give you the tools/equipment to battle bad skin.

So, how can you fight the good fight against hard water?

Install A Water Softener

Sometimes the simplest solution is the best: to fight against hard water, you need to fight against the minerals that make it hard. The best way to fight against hard water is to install a water softener. The Plumb Doctor is happy to provide you with all the technical specifics, but in short, a water softener uses glorious salt to fight those big bad minerals that leave your skin oh so dry and cracked. When you install a water softener, your skin will thank you. You will be silky smooth all winter long. Additionally, when you install a water softener, your home will thank you; hard water is also detrimental to your pipes and your appliances. The same minerals that mess up your smooth skin can build up in your pipes and appliances and cause permanent damage.

Learn how the Plumb Doctor can help you with a water softener replacement or installation→

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