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A tankless water heater is also known as an instant water heater. It’s called so because in this type of water heater you won’t have to wait for the water to become hot, it’s almost instant and once the desired operating temperature is reached then you can get a seamless supply of hot water for as long as you might need it. Tankless water heaters are available gas fed and electricity versions also. Well, today, for the benefit of our readers we are going to tell you step by step that how you can! Yes, you can yourself install a tankless water heater. Here are the steps that will help you with tankless water heater installation. Make sure you read them properly.

Step 1: Depending on the model of the tankless water heater (gas/electric) you might have to arrange for a larger diameter gas supply line or a higher capacity electricity line. As mentioned this depends upon the operational requirements of the tankless water heater that you plan to install.

Step 2: You would also need to purchase a high-quality large size union connector. This will act as water bypass for your system. Water heaters have a tendency to acquire lime with its operation and having this union connector installed will keep you in a better situation with respect to cleaning and maintenance operations for your unit.

Step 3: Cut the water supply: This is actually the first step of the process. Please shut off the main water supply of the house. This will give you a better working environment while working with your installation.

Step 4: Remove the water supply from your old water heater: Although you have cut the mains supply of the house, chances are there is still some water left in the piping that was connected to your old water heater. Simply de-attach the water pipe coming in your old water heater and drain any residual water in the pipe.

Step 5: Disconnect the heat source: It is obvious since you already had a water heater in place it would have been fed with either electricity or gas, so just unplug it and secure it. Make sure that the power mains to the unit are disconnected or the propane valve is closed shut as the case may be for you.

Step 6: Remove the older unit: Safely remove the old unit and dispose it off as per the regulations of the region you live in. This is crucial as disposing off old appliances in a proper manner helps save the environment.

Step 7: Unpack your new unit: Unpack your new tankless water heater, read the instruction manual carefully. Make sure you understand the assembly process properly before moving on to the next step; Just do some looking around and be completely aware which thing fits where. Will save a lot of time if done properly.

Step 8: Find a Suitable place: Find a suitable place to mount your new unit. Start connecting the pipes and fuel sources as per the instruction manual. Make sure the connections are properly done.

Step 9: Feed and Fire your new Unit: You are almost done by now. Just feed the unit with power and water as per the manual and check whether your unit is working properly. If everything is done properly then the unit would work just fine.

Well, here you go folks, hope our article was of utility to you all. In case you need further assistance with tankless water heater installation in Indianapolis, then feel free to call us.