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A leaking shower faucet can really be a pain in the neck. It also wastes a lot of water. Usually, you would require the help of a plumber to get it fixed, the reason being simple that the shower faucet is generally located above the head level and repairing it yourself can be a bit inconvenient.

We are writing this blog post for the person who is really brave (pun intended) and would like to go ahead and fix the shower faucet himself. So here comes our short and sweet post on shower faucet repair. For the ease of understanding, we are dividing the entire process into small steps.

1. Check the Faucet Handle

Most of the times it’s the faucet handle that is faulty. Check your faucet handle, if it’s not closing properly then your shower faucet is bound to be leaky. In case it’s the handle, then it’s time to remove it and check the rubber components. Change them if required, otherwise get yourself a new faucet handle.

2. Turn Off the Water Valves

Before you start the main inspections and repairs of the faucet, please shut off the main water supply. This will give a relatively drier working atmosphere. Once you have shut down the main water valve of the home then it would be a good idea to check the faucet once again, just to ensure that there is no water coming.

3. Remove the Shower Faucet

Now carefully remove the shower faucet and the faucet handle. We are instructing to remove both of them as you never know from where the problem is arising. Now check carefully the rubber components of both the faucet and the faucet handle. Do you see any tears in them or salt deposits? Remove the rubber washers and clean the handle and the faucet thoroughly. Inspect the washers and see if there are any cuts or damage. Chances are that you would find them.

4. Take Pics of the Components

Pull out your cell phone and snap some pics of the components, the faucet handle, and the faucet. Crank your car and head to the nearest hardware/plumbing store. Seek the help of the people there in providing you with the correct replacement components. Head back home. 

5. Replace the Components

Replace the rubber components properly and fix them. Screw in the faucet handle and the faucet. Turn on the water supply and check whether the things are still leaking.

Following the above-mentioned steps properly would ensure that your faucet is working properly and without fault. In case it is still leaking, there might be some serious issue with your setup and would require services of professional plumber. If you happen to live in Indiana and facing a similar issue which you are unable to fix yourself, then please give us a call on 317-306-9343. We are available 24/7 to help you. Help is just a call away.

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