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Childproofing a bathroom is a must if you have babies in the house. After the kitchen, it is the bathroom which poses a significant threat and hazard for the little ones. Therefore, to be sure that your kid is safe, childproofing your bathroom is a must do. Today we will be providing our readers with tips and tricks on how to childproof your bathroom.

1. The Door Knob

Make sure that your child does not reach the doorknob of the bathroom unsupervised. It can be easily taken care of by placing a childproof doorknob cover on your bathroom’s doorknob. Another way of childproofing the bathroom door is by getting the doorknob placed high on the door so that the child cannot reach it.

2. The Toilet Lid

The toilet lid should be installed with a lid lock. This will ensure that under no circumstances the baby can open the lid all by himself. Remember that toddlers are a curious lot and are in learning mode. Babies are also top heavy so in case they are looking down the toilet, chances are pretty high that they would imbalance themselves and fall headfirst into the toilet. They are so small that they can drown even in one inch of water.

3. Sharp objects

Bathrooms are a place where sharp objects like razors, tweezers, nail cutters are often found. For an adult, it is ok but for a curious toddler, these things pose a significant threat. Please lock away all the sharp stuff from your bathroom in a locker that cannot be reached by a baby.

4. Electrical Appliances

Bathrooms are home to many electrical appliances like hair dryers and electrical razors. These things can really be lethal for a baby. You need to make sure that you store such bathroom accessories away from the reach of your child.

5. Cosmetics and Medications

A bathroom is also a place where we store our cosmetics and medications. Needless to say that cosmetics and medications should always be kept well secured. Accidental consumption of medications and cosmetics can really be harmful to your baby. Get a child lock installed on the cabinet as an added security measure.

6. Unplug

A bathroom has a sink and a bathtub. Kids should be kept away from both of them. Also take note that electrical appliances should never be left plugged-in near these features. Water is a conductor of electricity and if a baby accidentally drops a plugged-in electrical appliance in the water, then, chances of a major short circuit and electrocution are always there.

7. Hot Water

Set your water heater to a safe temperature. High temperature can lead to baby getting burned in case he/she accidentally opens the hot water supply. In general, keeping water temperature at 120┬░ree; F is safe enough for everyone including babies.

8. The Floor

Floors of the bathroom can be wet and slippery. A baby could slip and fall hence injuring himself. In order to take care of that, get your bathroom a non-slip rubber matting. It’s equally good for children and the elderly.

Just follow the above-mentioned steps to childproof your bathroom and have a more secure environment for your kid. Please feel free to contact us in case you have any queries regarding childproofing your bathroom or general plumbing needs in Indianapolis.