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Winter is coming and with every winter comes the freezing cold. What happens when your pipes freeze? What do you do when it’s time for frozen pipe repair in Indianapolis? What if all the plumbing breaks down in one go. This is a very real possibility and can happen in case of a frozen pipe in Indianapolis.

Pipes freeze… Then they crack.

Pipes do freeze and it is terrible experience when this happens. Frozen pipes have a tendency to crack the piping material. A small crack even of 1/8 inch can leak gallons of water every day and has potential to flood the entire home. If you’ve experienced a frozen pipe and need to fix a frozen pipe in Indianapolis immediately, give us a call at Plumb-Doctor today! We fix burst plumbing pipes 24/7 in Indianapolis, just call 317-306-9343 .

You have frozen pipe leaks that need to be repaired. Quickly. Call NOW!

When pipes burst, they cause major plumbing leaks that need to be repaired. Such big leaks can lead to mold growth very easily and could soon turn your beautiful home into a toxic jungle. There is only one thing that you can do when pipes in your home have already frozen and that is to replace frozen pipes.

You can prevent frozen pipes, here’s how.

There are many things that every homeowner living in colder climates can actually do to prevent pipes from freezing.

Here is a list of measures that you can take to prevent frozen pipes.

  1. Insulate pipes before the cold attacks. It is a nice idea to insulate pipes before the temperatures drop. This is a must do preventive action for the pipes that are hardly visible but are exposed to cold.

  2. Wrapping pipes with heat tapes is also one good preventive measure that can be taken. Heat tapes are basically heating elements which keep the pipe warm during cold and freezing times.

  3. Check for leaks which allow cold air to come in contact with the pipes. Sealing such air leaks will act as an additional line of defense for your pipelines.

  4. It is also a good idea to disconnect garden hoses before the commencement of winters and shut down the supply valve which feeds them with water. This will prevent pipes from getting frozen to a certain extent.

Keep your home thermostat on a constant temperature 24/7. This will result in the entire property having a uniform temperature throughout the house and will prevent any pipe freeze during the night when temperatures suddenly fall.

We handle frozen pipe repair in Indianapolis and a lot more.

At Plumb Doctor, LLC we are an Indianapolis plumbing company that can fix a frozen plumbing pipe in Indianapolis when it gets freezing cold this winter. Just call us at 317-306-9343 today!