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So here is the scenario, It’s Saturday and you woke up late, relaxed and looking forward to some me time. You decide to pamper yourself and head to the bathroom for a nice bubbly soaking in the bathtub full of warm water. Bam! You are greeted with a clogged bathtub drain. What a turn off! and let us tell you this that it’s not a hypothetical scenario but a very real one. A scenario which makes you call your friendly drain cleaning service on a Saturday. It happens to the best of us. Often we forget that drains need maintenance too. After all, they are the source of removing debris and waste water from our house. 

The reason we are writing this blog post today is simple. We want each one of our readers to save some time and money and learn the ways by which they can clean their drains themselves. All by yourself, there is only a little that you can do, but that little should generally be enough to get you out of the mess.

Unclogging the Drain Using Cleaning Agents

Before you pick up that phone to call the drain cleaning service, head to your friendly hardware store and check out the drain cleaning agents available. Most of them do the job just fine. Make sure you understand how to use them properly. As a basic step first get hold of a plunger and use it on the basin or the tub which seems to be clogged. Check whether the water is draining quickly if it does you have a fix if it does not then remove the excess water and pour in the cleaning agent. Let it stand for a while, generally, there are instructions on the packaging instructing you on the time that you have to leave the agent in the drain. Use the plunger again and if the water drains quickly then voila you have a clean drain and it’s all done. Well if you wish you can use vinegar, borax and even salt as a cleaning agent. They also work like a miracle at times. 

Using tools to fix your clogged drain

This one is a bit messy, we say so because it involves actually dismantling and opening a few nuts and bolts here and there. Now is the time to use that toolkit which might have been lying unused for a long time. In general, it is observed that the pipe connected to the main drain of the house gets clogged with hair, debris and what not and at times the mess is beyond the scope of household cleaning agents to handle. So what to do? Get to work man. Unbolt/Unscrew the plastic cap of the hose and pull it out. Clean it thoroughly with water and put it back again. That’s it. A word of advice it’s easier said than done. The filth and the smell could be overwhelming for a few, so please take due caution. Also, you dealing with waste here so it would be a good idea to use protective gear. 

Hope the above-mentioned tips were of some relevance and value to you. In case you require any further help then please feel free to connect with us. We provide one of the best drain cleaning service in Indianapolis. At times all you need is some professional help to handle the job.