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Is your sink not draining? Are you noticing puddling water when you shower? Toilet backed up? It’s possible you have a clogged drain. Sure, there are short-term solutions like Drano. These short-term solutions can provide temporary relief; however, they can cause long-term problems, such as weakened or cracked pipes. Proper drain maintenance and repair is an important aspect of both residential and commercial plumbing. Just because you can’t see something once you wash/throw/flush it down the drain, it doesn’t mean you can never think about it again. Out of sight, out of mind doesn’t apply when it comes to your drains.

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How can I prevent a clogged drain?

Some basics for keeping your sink drains unclogged are as follows: place mesh screens over ALL your drains (including bathtubs and showers), run hot water through the sink after each use, try and reduce your garbage disposal usage, and teach your kids the importance of using your drains properly. Furthermore, don’t forget your toilets – if you start to see your toilet flushing slowly (also referred to as a ‘weak’ flush), it’s possible that a clog is beginning to form – don’t wait, grab your plunger and give it a push. Additionally, only use appropriate products to clean your toilet. Don’t dump bleach in the bowl – it can damage pipes and lead to the long-term degradation of your septic tank (if you have one).

How do I know if I have a clogged Drain?

More often than not, you will know when you have a clogged or leaking drain. Nevertheless, it is always important to be on the watch for tell-tale symptoms of a clogged drain. As previously mentioned, are you seeing water not draining efficiently or puddling water? Perhaps your drain is clogged you now have a leak. Some signs of leaks could be: mold, damaged paint/wallpaper, damaged floors and walls – or the most common – stained ceilings. Lastly, you may smell some strange odors – that’s a good warning that something unpleasant is festering in your drain.

What can I do if my drain is clogged?

You can try some home remedies for clogged drains. We’ve all seen or heard about someone taking a coat hanger, straightening it out, making a hook and doing some good ‘ole drain fishing. More conventional approaches would be hot water, plungers and drain snakes. These home remedies can provide your drains with temporary relief; however when you need professional help, call the Plumb Doctor – we’ve got the remedy for your serious drain problems.