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There’s no doubt that in countless homes across the country, the kitchen is the most popular room in the house. This is for many reasons- entertaining, familial meals, snacking and of course cooking and cleaning. Whatever be your kitchen activities, the question of quantity and location of sinks in the kitchen is one of the common dilemmas in today’s world of home remodels.

One sink or two? Double-basin sinks or single? Garbage disposal? Here are the top types of kitchen sinks for all your kitchen remodel queries.

Here are the top types of kitchen sinks for all your kitchen remodel queries.

Double-Basin Sinks:

There’s no question as to why double-basin sinks are one of the most common types of kitchen sinks. It’s the centerfold for a multitasking cook and cleaner. Especially if there is no dishwasher in the kitchen, double-basin sinks are perfect for washing and rinsing without any hassle. For the family meal-makers, double-basin sinks offer a place to put dirty dishes in the middle of meal prep while also being able to wash fruits and vegetables separately. These sinks come in many different materials, sizes, and finishes making it a viable and practical option for a busy kitchen.

Farmhouse Sinks:

This particular kind of sink is rising in popularity, especially through the influx of house flipping television shows. Taking tips courtesy of Chip and Joanna Gains from HGTV’s ‘Fixer Upper,’ farmhouse sinks are a great combination of style and practicality. Farmhouse sinks are basically the extra-large version of a standard sink with a deep inset, allowing for a significant amount of space. Farmhouse sinks can be single, or double-basin is making them perfect for the chic dinner party hostess!

Sink Near the Stove:

Looking for a real chef’s kitchen? The space cannot be completed without a convenient extra source of water near the stove. Having a small, single-basin sink near the stove allows for quick access to fill up pots with water. Also, another place to wash pots and pans!

Wet-bar Sink:

This last type of add-on sink is for the ultra-entertainer. Having a bar in a home is one thing: to store mixers, glasses and the beverages themselves. But, including a sink allows for a stylish and easy way to retrieve water for whatever the reason may be.

Other factors to consider for kitchen sinks are location and the inclusion of garbage disposal. If you’re able to have a garbage disposal, then it is a must-have for ease of washing dishes and trimming fruits and veggies. Also, finding the right spot that plumbing allows in your kitchen is equally as important. Having a window above the sink, giving a view to the city or to your backyard will let you daydream as you’re washing dishes.

Whatever type of kitchen-sink or sink combination you deem necessary for your family, we wish you happiness and success in your kitchen remodel! We will help you make it functional!