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There are not very many things that are as big of a nuisance as a blocked drain or a clogged toilet that won’t loosen up. Most people take it for granted when all the plumbing is in order with no problems. In order to avoid a clog, you need to be thinking ahead of time by doing some preventative maintenance. We want you to have a stress-free life at home so check out some of these helpful tips and use them at home!

Garbage Disposal

Make sure to use your garbage disposal when washing the dishes off. If you do not have a garbage disposal, we recommend you get one! Your chances of blocking up the sink go way down when you have a garbage disposal installed. You don’t want to rely too heavily on your garbage disposal though. Click here to learn what you need to avoid putting down your garbage disposal.

Water and Soap

To end every day, it is a good idea to run water with soap down the drain in both the kitchen and bathroom. This helps keep your drains from building up sludge and washes down the standing water that causes bad odors.

Homemade Drain Cleaning Solution

A classic DIY plumbing trick is making the homemade drain cleaning solution. What you do is pour half of a cup of baking soda down the drain followed by half of a cup of vinegar. Then pour about a gallon of boiling water to wash it all down. The chemical reaction from those three ingredients will clear up your drains like nobody’s business. We recommend doing this about once a week if you want to never run into any drain problems.

Keep plunger close

It is very important to always have a plunger handy in every bathroom and an extra one in the house that is designated for the sinks. You never know when an over-flowing toilet emergency is going to hit and you won’t have time to be searching all of the house before the water hits the floor!

When to Call Us

We understand that it is hard to keep up with all of these tips all of the time. When you are faced with a stubborn clog and can’t do it yourself, we are happy to help. Usually, if you can’t fix a clog with a plunger, the clog is further down the drain. That is where our experience and equipment come in handy for you. Also if you have a major plumbing emergency, we are the 24-hour plumbing company in Indianapolis to help minimize your damages.  Click the button below to request service!