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You Don't Want This Guy Showing Up!

You Don’t Want This Guy Showing Up!

You never really know when a plumbing emergency might break out; a burst pipe, clogged drains or even a simple leak can be annoying, if not disastrous. Looking for a plumber out of sheer desperation can lead you or anyone into getting the first plumber they find instead of the best plumber. Having done your research beforehand or even knowing what to look for in a plumber beforehand can prove to be very useful. Below are a few things you can look out for when searching online for a plumber.


Knowing what sort of certification and accreditation a plumber or plumbing company hold(s) can be very helpful as they tell you where each stand based upon the knowledge they have and how much time and money they have spent learning their craft – which is plumbing in this case.

Are They Registered?

Knowing whether or not your plumber is a registered professional can help you by indicating they are trustworthy and can perform safe and high quality repairs.


This is an extremely key factor that most people either ignore or are not aware of. Having an insured plumber essentially guarantees that if something goes wrong, any damage done will be covered by the plumber/plumbing company. If you can’t find out whether the plumber/plumbing company is insured, it is hard to trust them in the event of damage.

Emergency Availability?

Plumbing emergencies don’t look at the clock before happening and neither should you when choosing a plumber or plumbing company. In case a pipe decides to burst or a boiler breaks down, you need a plumber who can rush to your home and rescue you in time.


When it comes to presence, both local plumbers and national plumbing companies have their own benefits. National companies may have made a reputation for the standards they maintain but can also be a bit costly whereas local plumbers are nearby and likely know the area well. Another positive for local plumbers or plumbing companies is a more personal and friendly touch.

Cost Transparency?

Many homeowners would agree with the sentiment that cost matters most when choosing a plumber so knowing exactly what rates your plumber charges is extremely important as opposed to having a heart attack when you see the cost of the final bill.