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Keep Your Water Heater in Top Shape

Keep Your Water Heater in Top Shape

Tips To Keep Your Water Heater In Top Shape

Water heater problems can be a nightmare. The only thing worse than dealing with the headaches of a bad water heater is not having any hot water! Here are a few tips to help keep your water heater in top shape. 

Know your water heater

The first step to maintaining your water heater is knowing exactly what you have. Keep the brand, model number and serial number on file as well as what type of heater it is; electric, propane, etc.. Keeping all of this information on hand can make repairs much quicker and easier. 

Know how to operate it

You don’t have to be an expert but simple things such as how to adjust the temperature or turn your water heater on and off can be a big help. Experts recommend keeping the temperature between 115 and 120 degrees. 

Keep the area around your heater cleared

Water heaters can get quite hot, leaving things too close can be a fire hazard. Certain types of water heaters need a steady supply of oxygen, you need to give them plenty of space to take in air. 

Perform Flushes

Sediment and corrosion tend to build up in the bottom of water heaters. It is important to learn how to perform a routine water heater flush. Doing so will keep you water heater running at full capacity. 

Know the signs of a problem

The first thing to consider is that most water heaters should be replaced after about 10 years. There is a code in the serial number of each unit that tells what year it was made. Another sign is rusty hot water. Water from a well can cause rusty deposits but you can distinguish it from a hot water heater problem if the rust only occurs with hot water. One last thing to watch for is water around your water heater. Even a small leak could be potentially dangerous. 

If you have any additional questions concerning your water heater or would like us to come out and perform a free check up, please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.