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When the Throne Needs Maintenance

When the Throne Needs Maintenance

When the Throne Needs Maintenance

Let’s be honest, we don’t always give the humble toilet the credit it deserves. Without it, our lives would be miserable! Keeping your toilet in tip-top shape is the least you can do to repay it. 

The Plumb Doctor can help you keep your toilet running smoothly. We’re happy to perform preventative measures to extend the life of your toilet. One way to do so is to clean all parts of the toilet; the tank is the part that is normally neglected. Hard water is especially rough on toilets. If severe enough, hard water deposits can damage the components in the tank. Damage can occur underneath the toilet if it is not sealed properly. Water can easily get under a toilet that isn’t properly sealed and cause damage to the floor. The Plumb Doctor can seal the toilet and even remove it and replace any damaged wood if necessary. 

If your toilet is too far gone, let us install a new one. But how do you know when it is time to replace a toilet? For starters, if it is more than thirty years old, you might want to think about it. Toilet technology has improved to make toilets more and more efficient; the older it is, the less efficient it probably is. One sign of a toilet that has had enough is it needs more than one flush every time. Your water bill will sky rocket if you have to flush the toilet several times just to get it down. You might also notice if your toilet is constantly running. This is another huge unnecessary hit to your water bill. Not to mention, it’s annoying to listen to! Another way to tell if it’s time to for new toilet is if it feels unstable. An old toilet could just be wobbly from its age. 

The most important reason for you to replace your toilet is if you just don’t like it! If you think about it, you spend a big portion of your life on the toilet; if you’re uncomfortable, make the switch to a new one. You won’t believe how good a brand new toilet can feel. 

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