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 It happens all the time; when somebody asks for help, but it’s too late. It started out as a small problem that you could handle, and you pushed it aside hoping it would miraculously fix itself. Residential and commercial plumbing problems usually snowball into much bigger problems. 

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Plumbing problems to be aware of

The constantly running toilet.

We all know the sound, and it can go on for what seems like an eternity. When a toilet keeps running after it has been flushed, you are forced to mess with the handle until it eventually calms down. It is not a huge problem that causes a mess (unless the toilet clogs), but over time it will waste a good amount of water. The water bill at the end of the month will be much higher than you had hoped for. Usually toilets run because the flapper valve does not fit like it should anymore. Luckily, this is an easy and cheap fix for us here at Plumb Doctor.

Small Leaks

Other nuisances such as small leaks are capable of damaging floors, walls, and furniture that can add up to become costly. An extremely harmful outcome of leaks is mold developing in your house or building. Mold can grow through drywall and insulation, which can lead to the drywall and insulation needing to be replaced. Not only that, but if it is not taken care of immediately, mold can cause health symptoms such as irritation and respiratory problems, especially with children. Leaks leading to mold pose a risk for health problems and thousands of dollars down the drain.

Some plumbing problems can be caught early on, if you monitor exposed pipes around your house or building. There are some parts of plumbing, like the water heater, that needs to be looked at by the Plumb Doctor professionals. The best and safest way to make sure you won’t need to stay at a local hotel or have your business out of commission due to plumbing problems is to schedule regular maintenance checkups. The Plumb Doctor team is a 24 hour company that is more than willing to take care of your plumbing problems, big or small.

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