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The spring season is almost upon us yet again, which can only mean one thing – it’s about to start raining constantly. There’s just something about the season (particularly if you live in the Midwest) that makes rainy days a regular occurrence. A large part of preventing water problems in the spring will ultimately come down to a proactive approach. If you make any necessary repairs and modifications before the season actually gets here, you’ll go a long way towards protecting your home all year long.

Never Forget About That Sump Pump

A sump pump is one of those things in your home that, when things are going great, you never even realize it’s there in the first place. Only when it makes its presence known do you run into often time-consuming and expensive problems, which is why making annual sump pump maintenance a priority is so important. 

  • First, start by visually inspecting your sump pump to get an idea of what repairs or maintenance you’ll need to make. If the cover and impeller need to be cleaned, do so. If the intake screen is filled with a winter’s worth of dust and debris, clear it out.

  • Next, test your sump pump by adding a few gallons of water to your water-collecting sump basin.

  • If the float in the basin rises too high and the sump pump still doesn’t turn on, you’ll definitely want to call in the help of a professional and have it looked at.

  • Test that alarm. If things get particularly tricky during a heavy spring storm, every second counts. If your sump pump alarm isn’t working, you may not find out about the fact that your basement is flooded until it’s far too late to actually do something about it.

Don’t be this guy!

Don’t be this guy!

Pay Attention to Your Other Equipment, Too

Take an afternoon and go through your entire home, visually inspecting and testing ANY piece of equipment connected to your plumbing. Make sure your water heater temperature is set correctly and if it’s older than about 15 years, consider upgrading to a new one. Look at every supply hose in your house, checking for signs of leaks, cracks or bulges. Go outside and clear out all those downspouts, yard drains and other areas – a little effort today can save you a world of problems tomorrow.

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