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Before you hire that large, national plumbing company to fix a problem in your home based solely on the fact that they have a catch TV commercial or flashy billboard, you may want to stop and think for a second. Utilizing a local plumber for all of your home needs is a much better decision for your pocket book in particular for a number of compelling reasons.

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They Do Things the Right Way, Not the Quick Way

The biggest reason why hiring a local plumber is better for your wallet has to do with the quality of the work being done. Local plumbers don’t simply “put a Band-Aid” on problems, offering temporary solutions that technically satisfy your call. They find out what is wrong, both obviously and beneath the surface, and they work to get the job done RIGHT the FIRST time.

A local plumber isn’t going to use glue or sealant to fix a leak in an area that shouldn’t be glued or sealed. They’re not going to use the wrong type of caulk because that’s what they have available. They’re going to use the best quality parts and spend as much time as necessary to make sure you walk away satisfied.

You Get a More Intimate Level of Service

Another one of the reasons why calling a local plumber is a much better decision for your wallet has to do with the superior level of care you’ll receive. A plumber working for a large, national company is going to do exactly what you tell them to – after all, it’s what you’re paying for. You have a leaky pipe, they’re going to fix it.

This isn’t bad, but it doesn’t leave much room to really use their expertise and their attention-to-detail to your advantage. A local plumber will fix your leaky pipe, but they may also notice that you can save a great deal of money each month on your utility bills by switching over to a low flow water solution. They’re more likely to make similar recommendations today that will help pay off handsomely tomorrow.

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