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Have you ever thought of your plumber as the Doctor of Your Home? When you find the right one, that is exactly what he represents! Here are three ways a plumber can improve your life by making sure that your house is healthy and stays that way!

This Doctor Still Takes House Calls! On Call 24/7! PH-   317-306-9343

This Doctor Still Takes House Calls! On Call 24/7! PH-317-306-9343

On Call Toilet/Faucet/Water Heater Repair

Anytime your bathroom or your kitchen suffers the slightest problem, it’s a huge deal. You need a plumber who can fix these problems quickly without charging you an arm and a leg to keep things flowing as they should within (and out of) your household!

Finding Gas Leaks

Gas leaks can be tough to find, but they represent one of the biggest hazards to your health and to your wallet that your house can produce. Count on the dedicated experts at Plumb Doctor to find these pesky little leaks before they turn into big problems later on.

Plumbing Inspections

The easiest way to ensure that everything always works in your home is to maintain your home with a professional inspection every so often. You protect yourself from the unexpected out of pocket expenses that cause headaches and discomfort. You learn to understand your home so that you can pick up on problems by yourself and call in help before things get hairy. Most importantly, you maintain the quality of living within your home, an especially important thing to consider if you have children or elderly people living with you!

The Plumb Doctor is happy to serve as you as the Doctor of Your Home. If you have noticed something wrong with any aspect of your home, or you are just looking to make sure that nothing happens in the future, give us a call or an email. We are ready to improve your life today – all that we really need is your permission! Contact us now!

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