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What in The World is Hard Water?

What in The World is Hard Water?

Hard Water? WTH?!

Hard water? Soft water? You might hear these terms on a regular basis and think: what the heck are people talking about? Last you knew, water was a liquid; how could it be hard or soft? Well, it turns out hard water isn’t ice and soft water isn’t snow. Hard water is actually water that contains certain minerals that can make water appear cloudy, smell funny and leave behind harmful mineral deposits in your appliances. 

Hard water is especially common in water well systems. That doesn’t mean that city water can’t be hard. City water requirements are very strict for health but not necessarily so, as far as hard water. Hard water is perfectly safe to drink (as far as we know) – although many people dislike the taste. Hard water can be extremely damaging to your pipes and appliances. You may notice orange and yellow rust deposits on your beautiful white sinks and tubs if you have hard water. Those same deposits are dangerously building up in your pipes, clothes, and your washer and dishwasher too! 

As previously stated, if you have hard water you may notice rust stains in your sinks, showers, and appliances. You may also notice that no matter what dishwasher detergent you use, your glasses and dishes are always cloudy or covered in a white powder. Another symptom of hard water is foul smelly water. Many compare the smell to old or rotten eggs. 

If you determine you have hard water, you’ll definitely want to take action. If left untreated, the mineral deposits inside your pipes can cause irreversible and costly damage. Not to mention those disgusting rust stains! Call the Plumb Doctor and we’ll set you up with a water softener. A water softener is a device installed to your water system that performs an exchange of ions. In this process, the water softener removes the harmful deposits in the minerals. Once a water softener is installed, you’ll notice that your dishes and clothes look cleaner and brighter, your shower and sink won’t have unsightly rust stains and most importantly your pipes will be clear, clean and healthy.

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