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Cold Weather-Prevent Frozen Pipes

Cold Weather-Prevent Frozen Pipes

Learn some ways to prepare for cold weather and avoid frozen pipes:

The weather in Indianapolis and Central Indiana has been amazing these past weeks, but colder temperatures are on the way!  It’s time to retire the garden hoses and prepare your home for the cooler air with these helpful tips.

Remove, Drain, and Store Garden Hoses

We want your garden hose to last another year, so it’s important that you properly store it away. When the hose has been disconnected, drain the water and place it in an area of your home that will not reach freezing temperatures.  Water that’s left over inside the hose can freeze and expand causing the hose to break. 

Check Your Sewer System

Believe it or not, the fall, the winter, and the spring months can overwork your sewer system. If you have had any issues in the past or would like to have preventative maintenance completed, contact us to schedule a sewer line inspection.

Complete Water Heater Maintenance

Annual maintenance is crucial to extend the life of your water heater. While most water heaters will last anywhere from eight to 12 years, water heater flushes tend to increase water efficiency and saves money on your future utility bills.  If you want to increase water efficiency and save some money on your utility bill this season, schedule a time for us to come out and and give you a free quote. 

Inspect Your Sump Pump

 Any prolonged period of rain can cause your sump pump to work overtime.   Make sure you check to make sure your sump pump is in working order.  If you need help with this, contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

Take a look at the freeze reports to better prepare you for this upcoming cold weather. Source: http://www.weather.gov/ind/frostfreezedate