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You’d think by now someone would have invented leak-proof pipes. Though the concept seems simple enough, there isn’t just one problem that causes leaks in pipes. That is why creating a leak-proof pipe is nearly impossible. Take a look at these common culprits of leaky plumbing but remember, we can fix all of them!

1. Badly sealed joints

Whenever a pipe has to make a twist or turn in direction, they are connected with a curved piece of pipe. The two pipes that feed into the joint can be joined together a number of ways, but any way is bound to fail eventually. Sometimes the sealant that holds the pipes together and creates a no-leak seal just becomes old and allows water to pass through. This could mean a leak under the sink, under the house or under the yard!

2. Rust

Older pipes were commonly made of different forms of metal. Over time, metal begins to rust when exposed to moisture. Eventually, the rust will go all the way through the pipe causing a leak. We highly recommend getting all metal piping replaced with PVC. PVC pipe isn’t metal and won’t rust.

3. Corrosion

Though rust is technically a form of corrosion, it isn’t the only type. Rust is the oxidation of metal. Corrosion is a much broader term, usually denoting a chemical reaction between two substances that causes one or both to dissolve. Corrosion can occur in pipes for a number of reasons. The most common reason is from different minerals in the water. Lime deposits, for example are a common cause for corrosion in pipes and water fixtures. This can eat away at the pipe itself or cause a blockage that could cause a crack.

4. Cracks

As we alluded to, pipes can form cracks. Though with the strength of today’s pipes it isn’t as common, it is still important to do all you can to protect from cracks. A crack can have many causes but it is usually due to some sort of corrosion or bending of the pipe. If a pipe develops a slight bend, the edges of the pipe become weak and will crack after time.

We hope you now recognize the importance of knowing the root of a leaky pipe. We can help get your pipes fixed and minimize damage as quickly as possible. Contact us for more information at 317-306-9343