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Don’t Fall Victim To These Plumbing Myths! 

If you have ever watched the movie “Mean Girls,” then you know that rumors can cause a lot of problems. Nobody knows where some of these rumors come from. Some things are just merely assumed. We are here to clear the air about some plumbing myths.

And no, you can’t catch a fish in the toilet :)

And no, you can’t catch a fish in the toilet 🙂

Drop lemon peel down the disposal to make it smell good.

This is a win lose situation. The answer is yes, dropping a lemon peel down the disposal will make it smell good. A problem with this solution is a lemon peel is a tough material that will give the blades in your disposal a tough time and will most likely clog your drain. The negative greatly outweighs the positive.

Store bought drain cleaners will solve all my problems.

Liquid drain cleaners can make you feel like you are doing a good job maintaining your plumbing but it is a short term solution. It helps dissolve something that may be stuck in your pipes but it will also make your pipes deteriorate little by little. If you use liquid drain cleaners religiously, your pipes lifespan will be very short lived.

Snakes can’t come up my drains!

I sincerely wish I could tell you that is the truth. But I can’t. Snakes have found ways to get into drains and weasel their way up and out of toilets in the past and they will do it again. There are traps and valves you can put in to avoid this very traumatic problem. This could be a very good reason to have your plumbing inspected regularly.

Flushable wipes go down the toilet with ease.

I don’t know how those businesses get away with putting “flushable” on their containers. Flushable wipes don’t biodegrade as well as toilet paper. They are susceptible to clogging your drains. There are thousands of drains clogged across the nation due to flushable wipes. Don’t fall victim to the false advertising.

If you happen to fall victim to one of these plumbing myths, don’t worry the Plumb Doctor is always taking house calls!