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Thanksgiving Foods Bad For Garbage Disposal

Thanksgiving Foods Bad For Garbage Disposal

As you prepare for your upcoming Thanksgiving feast, read over these food items to avoid dumping down your garbage disposal this year. No one wants a leaky garbage disposal

Mashed Potatoes-Starchy or fibrous foods, like potato peels, can wrap around the blade. For example, peeling your potatoes directly into the sink with the intentions of flipping that switch and watching them disappear could be doing your garbage disposal a major disservice.

Green Bean Casserole-This is sort of the same story… Green beans are a stringy, sort of fibrous vegetable that will wrap around the blade rather than getting chewed up.

Macaroni And Cheese-Especially in large quantities, rice and pasta can cause serious problems if you put them down the garbage disposal. Once cooked, the pasta is soft enough that it can’t really be completely processed by a garbage disposal… But cooked or not, pasta or rice will expand in your drain and if you put them down the sink, they will eventually cause a clog.

Turkey-Turkey should not come into contact with your garbage disposal for two reasons. One, grease, oil, and fat should never be put down your drain. When grease cools, it solidifies in your drain, and like anything else, will then cause a drain clog. Worse, bones are a definite no for your garbage disposal. They’re too strong for both the motor and the blades and will end up getting caught in the blades or even burning out the motor.

Pie-Baking calls for eggs, but your garbage disposal doesn’t. Eggshells don’t do well in a disposal because of the thin membrane on the inside of the shell. A garbage disposal can’t do anything with it, and it will end up wrapped around the blade. If you have a compost pile, eggshells can be composted instead.

If for some reason, “the kids” get your drain clogged, make sure to call a certified plumber. Don’t run to the local hardware store and dump even more harsh chemicals down your drain. Let us fix it right the first time!

We hope everyone has a safe, healthy, and fun Thanksgiving with your families.

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