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Avoid Sewer Backups This Holiday Season

Avoid Sewer Backups This Holiday Season

As you are planning your upcoming Thanksgiving get together and maybe you are expecting numerous guest over this holiday season, learn some common reason’s your sewer line can get backed up. 


Just like your drain pipes, your main sewer line can become clogged, which can cause sewage backups in your home. If it is just one toilet, sink, or tub that seems to be giving you a problem, it may just be a clog in that drain. However, if every flush creates a sewage backup in your home, you likely have a blockage in your main sewer line.  Most sewer clogs can be prevented with regular maintenance and proper use of your drains. Here are a few tips that will help keep your sewer line clear.

  • Don’t use your toilet as a waste basket – Flushing facial tissues, napkins, diapers and other waste down your toilet creates clogs.

  • Use your garbage disposal intelligently – Avoid dumping large quantities of anything down your garbage disposal that can become lodged within your sewer line. Learn the foods to avoid dumping down your garbage disposal this Thanksgiving. 

  • Don’t pour grease down your drain – Grease and fat, although liquid when poured down your drain, can harden within your plumbing, collecting debris and creating a stubborn clog.

Tree Roots

Another common cause of home sewer backups is tree roots. Even if the area directly above your sewer line is free of trees, roots from a neighboring yard could be the cause of your sewer problem.  Tree roots can cause a couple of problems for your sewer lines – they can grow into the pipes and cause holes and blockages or they may wrap around your sewer line and crush it.

Broken or Collapsed Sewer Lines

If your Indianapolis home is older, your sewer backup could be caused by broken, cracked or collapsed lines. Although plastic sewer lines have now become the norm, older homes were built using cast iron and clay piping that can break down over time and create sewer problems.

Don’t make the mistake that most homeowners make during the holiday season by immediately going to the hardware store and purchasing drain-o or other “drain clearing products.” These products have harsh chemicals proven to damage plumbing pipes and sewer lines. These “drain clearing products” can turn a simple fix into a costly repair.  We offer some simple cost effective solutions that use enzymes instead of those harsh chemicals I mentioned earlier. 

We can also come out and investigate your sewer line to determine the root cause of your backup(s) and avoid all future backups.  

If you have any additional questions about sewer backups or would like a free consultation on your sewer line, please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.