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Sewers can make your life easy or hell. Since they are behind the walls and underneath the ground, you are not able to simply look at them yourself and see a crack or any sort of damage. There are on the other hand many telltale signs that you might have a damaged sewer. There might only be one that lingers, or they might all happen at once. It is bad news for you if they all happen at once. That is why it is so important to make the call at the first sign you notice. Here are some indications of a damaged sewer that you should not brush off so lightly: 

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Sewage backups and blockages 

It is essential to take action when you notice backups in the sink, bathtub, or any other drain in the house. This could mean you have a blockage in the sewer. It doesn’t mean you have a damaged sewer but if it is blocked up for a certain amount of time it will inevitably cause a crack. Once there is a crack in the sewer rather than just a blockage, it just became more expensive. You could save yourself some time and money if you call us when you notice your sinks and bathtubs drain slowly for the same reason. 

Sewer odor 

Pipes throughout the house are designed to be sealed and leave out no air, except for vents to the outside. If you smell any sort of sewer odor, (be sure nobody passed gas first) you probably have a crack in a pipe somewhere in the house letting out that foul smell. You simply shouldn’t have a sewer odor flowing through the house or building if there are no plumbing problems. 


If you notice mold in the house or building, you need to take action merely to clear it up. Mold is caused by your drywall and foundation being wet. It most likely means you have a leak of some sort behind the walls or under the floor.  

Puddling or indentation in lawn 

You might not notice this as much in the spring time because your lawn is usually wet from all the rain we receive but don’t chalk it up to nature if you notice puddling or an indentation in your lawn in the summer. This is a clear sign that your sewer is damaged because right underneath the puddling is right where you will find the break in the sewer. Make sure you get a plumber out to you as soon as possible before you lose your lawn becomes any more unappealing. 

Foundation cracks, settlement, and sinkhole 

These are the problems you will get if you neglect all the above signs. If you wait till you see cracks in your foundation, let alone a SINKHOLE, you have a major problem. If under your slab you have a main line and it leaks for an elongated amount of time, it will cause a hollowness in your foundation. Make sure you act as fast as possible on this because you will have much bigger problems like walls falling apart if you ignore this problem. 

Before buying a house, make sure to have us inspect the plumbing so you don’t walk into a home that has major underlining problems like sewer damage. Also when putting the plumbing into a new construction, like a new home or building, you will want to make sure it is done correctly so you can start off on the right foot!

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