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Here is a quick guide to help you determine if you have a plumbing emergency. We are a 24-Hour emergency plumber that is there to satisfy your needs!

There is standing water on your floor 

This one might be obvious. If you’re able, try to locate the source of the leak. Listen for flowing water in walls. A wet wall could be an indicator as to where exactly the leak is coming from. If the water level is still rising, you definitely have a plumbing emergency. Be aware of anything that could cause electrical shock. Try to avoid standing in the water.  

 A pipe or fixture is gushing 

Some leaks are more subtle, others could literally be spewing out of a sink fixture or under sink pipe. If you know how to turn of your home’s water valve, that should be the first course of action. Though turning the water off is only a temporary solution and you’ll still need to diagnose what caused the leak; a task that will most likely require a plumber.  

Indianapolis plumbing contractors

Plumb Doctor is a licensed plumbing contractor, easily one of the best plumbers in Indianapolis we are here to help solve your plumbing emergency any time of day. Let us be your emergency plumber of choice.

 You notice a strong smell of natural gas

To preface, a strong gas smell IS NOT A PLUMBING EMERGENCY, IT’S MUCH MORE SERIOUS! DO NOT CALL us if you believe you have a gas leak. Once you smell gas here is what to do: 

  • Leave the premises immediately

  • Call 911

  • Warn others to stay away 

Once again, do not call the Plumb Doctor if you think you have a gas leak. Instead, call your local authorities right away.   

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